Sheila Huyett CEA

How it all came about…

  • 2004 Montessori certification opened Villa Montessori

  • 2005-2015 Developed children’s art camps, art clubs, after school programs, girl scout classes, etc.

  • 2014 Director of Franchise Support for Montessori Franchise

  • 2016 Executive Director Montessori in Loudoun County, VA

  • 2017-2021 Director of Technology & Art Club Director for private school located in Loudoun County, VA

    Launch of personal artist website

    Art Instructor for LCPS Adult Ed Program

  • 2021, January 28 Launch (yay!)

Meet our founder and CEA (chief executive artist) Sheila Huyett

Way back in 2004, Sheila decided to start a Montessori preschool. The philosophy spoke to her on so many levels. Montessori offers both the discipline of order, and the expansion of ideas. She believed, just as Maria Montessori, children could and would do anything, given the process, the guidance and ultimately, the confidence. Villa Montessori was born and she was amazed over and over again as she discovered each unique child’s capabilities.

What was really interesting, the Montessori method actually worked for Sheila as well. As she demonstrated step-by-step art instruction, her own interest in art and the process, started to expand. She signed up at the Loudoun Academy of Arts and began taking every art class she had time for. Sheila wanted to absorb it all and share it with her students.

Preschool classes led to elementary and middle school classes, camps, art clubs, after school enrichment classes and parties. Adult classes (private and through the local public school system’s adult education program) were added later, along with art parties for adults.

The culmination of 17+ years of coaching has led Sheila to the creation of Her dream is to encourage people to be curious enough to explore their artsy side. Art has a way of helping you to escape from linear thought. It sneaks into your life and plants a seed that grows exponentially; enriching every aspect of your day-to-day routines.

Sheila’s enthusiasm to show people that they too have an inner artist that should be nurtured and respected is contagious. Nothing makes her happier than seeing the delight on a student’s face as they realize they are ready to b-artsy!

PS If you would like to see Sheila Huyett’s works you can check them out at

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