b-artsy adults

b-adventurous…step out of your comfort zone

Kids can’t have all the fun…adults can use some artsy experiences too! Some even call it art therapy…

Grab a friend, your spouse, a co-worker, your grown up child, anyone…or just yourself…and see what it’s all about…

b-a newbie

Been a long time since you’ve taken an art class? Or maybe you never have…b-bold and take the first step. Newbie lessons are step-by-step coaching, leading you to a new level of artsy. Learn the process:

  • step by step instruction
  • color theory
  • blocking in
  • shapes & lines
  • composition
  • light & shadow

90-minute lessons


This level is for those that have a basic understanding of art and just need an enthusiastic coach to cheer them on and demonstrate tips and tricks of the trade.

  • newbie review
  • goals
  • planning and preparing
    • paint from still life
    • paint from photo
    • paint au plein air (outside)
  • challenges
    • animals
    • landscape/cityscape/seascape oh my!
    • palette knife

four 90-minute lessons

b- a master

Once you graduate from newbie and b-artsy…you join us once a week each month to focus in on what you love to paint. You will plan, execute and deliver a masterpiece, developing your own unique style.

  • plan your piece
  • complete a masterpiece with the guidance of your coach
  • learn to critique your own work
  • learn to remedy any mishaps along the way

four 90 minute classes each month

Materials are included for all classes. To purchase a gift certificate click here.

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