Louie Dobson

b-classical. b-whimsical. b-artsy.

Thank you for visiting us at the b-artsy group. I’m honored to be included with my wonderful friends I’ve been painting with for years. It’s been a fantastic adventure and it keeps getting better.

Before I met up with our group I had always kept busy in some form of art, whether it be sewing, needle work or gardening.  It was much later that I found fine art to change my path into painting, sculpturing and pottery. I love all forms of art and everyday I look forward to creating something artsy especially with my friends.

Enjoy your visit. Louie

For more information on Louie’s work, please fill the contact form below.

20″ by 16″

“Summer Flowers” oil on canvas

24″ by 18″

 “Birthday Party” oil on canvas


20″ by 16″

“Spring Tulips” oil on canvas

24″ by 18″

“My Tools” oil on canvas

Sailing, 6″ by 6″

Granny Smith, 7″ by 5″

Willow Oak, 5″ by 7″

Farm Land, 5″ by 7″

Floral Magnolia, 6″ by 6″

Vitamin C, 7″ by 5″

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