Bill Giarratana

b-bold. b-abstract. b-artsy.

My abstract ideas are conceived on what I call the 4C’s: conceptual, creative, colorful and cadence. I strive to ensure each painting holds the viewer’s interest as one’s eye wanders through imaginative concepts, flowing colors and unique shapes. 

I’ve been involved in the arts in one way or another for over 50 years as my father before me, who is still painting at the age of 97. Over the years I’ve created a wide range of work from sculptures, illustrations, and custom portraits. 

For more information on Bill’s work, please fill the contact form below.

24” x 48” (Acrylic)

Blue Morpho and Sunrise

48” x 30” (Acrylic) Perpetual Change

24”x20” (Acrylic)

40”x30” (Acrylic)

Queen’s Gambit 36”x48”


24”x48” (Acrylic)

40”x30” (Acrylic)


Cat-14”x11” (Oil Pastel)

Dog-14”x11” (Oil Pastel)

Horse- 5’x 7.5’ ( 3 panel)(acrylic)

Blond girl-14”x11” (Oil Pastel) 

Hannah-14”x11” (Oil Pastel) 

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