Judith Thompson

b-unique. b-daring. b-artsy.

Judith is a master of figurative oil painting depicting a fantastic vision of women within environments that evoke calm among chaos; mythological icons and images. Her commitment to detail holds the viewer captive as they uncover the story in each piece.

She holds a BFA in Sculpture from Syracuse University and her MFA from Temple University. Judith is a member of the Arts Student League NY, NY. She had an apprenticeship with Johnson Atelier Princeton NJ, working with textiles and fashion. 

Judith’s art is influenced by her early days as a clothing designer, you can see this in the rich patterns she produces in her works.

If you would like more information on one of Judith’s paintings fill out the form below. You can also see more of Judith’s works at SchipHillArt.com.

Tempest 36”x24” oil 2021

Hope Faith Charity. Oil 2021  36”x36” $3800.00

Braided 20”x20” oil 2021 $1800.00

When You’re 10 Feet Tall
Oil 36”x36” 2021 $3800.00

Rose 30”x20” oil 2021 $1800.00

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