Johnna Schelling

b-crisp. b-clean. b-colorful. b-artsy.

Hello! Welcome into my “not quite daily” painting studio, where you’ll find fun stuff going on – trying new things, perfecting others, and enjoying life. Embracing the joy in everyday things makes for great memories, happiness, and cherished moments. A painting can rekindle those special times, or perhaps be the cornerstone to launch a new one! My greatest desire is to paint more days than not, and share life’s joy with others through art. Thanks for joining my journey!

Colorful Harvest $265 – framed 10 x 20

Just Picked $475 – framed 16 x 20  

Sunflowers $300 – framed 16 x 12

Happy Hour at Last $245 – framed 14 x 11

Date Night “SOLD” – 20 x 16 

En Terrasse with Tea

Good Morning – Bonjour!  

Breakfast on the Avenue

Peonies in Paris 

Valentines Day Memory  

Lovely Music

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