“I have learned almost everything I know about painting from Mrs. Huyett….she has taught me so much! I learned how to do landscapes to  portraits, even how to use a painting knife. I also learned about many, many artists. When I think about Mrs. Huyett I think “amazing painter”.  She is a super art teacher. She gave us so many ideas and so much encouragement. She helped me learn to mix the most fabulous colors.  I can’t wait to take art classes again with Mrs. Huyett.❤️❤️❤️❤️”


“Ms. Huyett is very kind and I had the most fun doing art with her that I’ve had in my entire life. tk, age 10”


“Ms. Huyett is so fun! I love doing art with her in art club. My favorite was that she would let us be creative and use our imagination. sk, age 8”


“I have always thought of myself as having little to no artistic talent until I took a class with Sheila.  She is able to help you step outside of your comfort zone, define your own personal skill and style and have a blast doing it.   I was able to let go of all those old messages and tap into a creative side that has carried over to other aspects of my life.  Art is such an important part of life.  In a very short time you will be able to gaze in wonder at the beautiful piece you created under Sheila’s encouraging, kind tutelage.”


“My first time using oils was with Sheila Huyett. I did not know what to expect (my medium of choice is pencils), but I wanted to try something new. I loved the way she taught me; I was guided, so I did not feel lost, but I also felt like I had creative freedom. One of the problems I have with many art classes is that the structure diminishes my interest in creating art, but I did not feel that way at all when Sheila was teaching me. I was interested throughout the whole process, and I learned a lot…the perfect balance.” 


“Ms. Huyett is such an amazingly talented artist, and teacher. She truly has been one of our all time favorites and has enriched the education of our children by helping them explore different aspects of art, all while keeping it engaging and super fun. Thank you, Ms. Huyett, for blessing our kids with so many fun art projects!”


“Art class with Miss Sheila was the best part of school for me.  It was fun doing paintings from famous artists.  Miss Sheila also let us make our own choices of what we wanted to paint. We could do anything and she always helped us and let us find our own way to do it.  Nothing is ‘wrong’ in a class with Miss Sheila.” 


“Art classes with Miss Sheila were enjoyable.  She helped me create a picture that won third place in a local art show.  We could put our own twist on a famous painting or create our own based on what we liked.  Miss Sheila encourages you to create and isn’t focused on rules and making your work look like everyone else’s.  No one gets in trouble for going outside the lines in a class with Miss Sheila!”


“My daughter had a wonderful experience painting with Sheila! The vibe was relaxed and pressure free, with plenty of helpful instruction and positive constructive tips.  She enjoyed herself throughout the process, and was able to produce a lovely painting her very first attempt using oils!”


“I have more people ask me where (my son) learns to paint and here is your opportunity to have your child learn to paint the most amazing paintings and get a real education about the artists and their techniques. Sheila is a genius with a paintbrush and with children to teens. We have been so blessed to have her as (my son’s) teacher. My kids took the camp with Sheila last year and this one of the many beautiful sets that they brought home. This is the best camp for all ages.”

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