Ute Gil

b-compelling. b-loose. b-artsy.

“My goal is to create paintings that show my love of nature and animals while capturing the emotion of my subjects. I consciously reduce details, keeping my brushstrokes loose and impressionistic, allowing the viewer a more personal interpretation of the image. It is more important to me that a painting is compelling rather than true to reality. Much of my inspiration comes from the rural areas that I visit in Western Loudoun County as well as my travels to other countries. The paintings are created both plein air and in my studio. Oil has always been my preferred medium because of its textural qualities.”

Sand Dunes, 12”x12”, $300 (includes black floater frame)

Fox 2, 8”x8”, $120

Nana, 8”x8”, $100

Tufted Titmouse, 8”x6”, $100

Cardinal, 6”x8”, SOLD

Orange Roses, 8”x8”, $100

Ranunculus, 8”x8”, $100

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